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Academic Success Office

Welcome to the Academic Success Office at the University of Dallas!  

To access our virtual tutoring and mentoring and writing lab resources, click here.

We have a series of videos that introduces our office and resources.

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The Academic Success Office equips students with tools to help them formulate plans, improve study habits, manage their time, establish priorities, and communicate with faculty, staff and their peers more effectively.

When you are struggling in a class, in all cases, the first thing you should do is sit down with the professor teaching that class. To find your professor's office and a list of office hours, check your syllabus. If you have misplaced your syllabus or the class has not yet started, click here, on the employee directory, to find your professor's office, phone number, and e-mail. We'd recommend finding all your professors' offices before classes begin.

After you've connected with your professors, please also reach out to our office for additional support.

You can meet in person or virtually with...

    • Director of Academic Success, Dr. Matthew Spring, by clicking here.
    • Academic Adviser, Ms. Ana Henriquez, by clicking  here.
    • Academic Adviser, Ms. Judith Barrera, by clicking here

We’ll also reach out to you to assist you in overcoming low grades, inconsistent academic performance, or a lack of a clear academic direction.

Services offered include:

  • Supporting students as they transition to UD
  • Helping students transform their time management and organizational skills
  • Assessing students' current study strategies and suggesting refinements to those strategies
  • Providing students with one-on-one advising
  • Enhancing students' awareness of campus resources and events

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are resources only offered online? Are any resources offered on-ground? 
    • Resources are offered both online and on-ground. In order to accommodate online-only students, all resources will be accessible (to varying degrees) online. Additionally, some resources may not be as easily accessible on-ground as in the past. Our focus is making our services accessible to all students, no matter their situation. If you are having any difficulty accessing resources, contact us today!
  • Is Peer Tutoring online or on-ground?
    • For the six subjects connected to the Tutoring Center (Economics, History, Philosophy, Politics, Psychology, Theology), tutoring will be offered primarily on-ground, though students may specifically request an online session via an email to the tutor.
    • For schedules and locations for these and other subjects, check the Tutoring schedule to see what hours they offer and if they are online or on-ground. When in doubt, email Ms. Ana Henriquez at
  • How do I access the schedules for all of these resources?
    • Click on the "Tutoring Schedule" link in the blue nav bar to find the schedules for peer tutoring, graduate mentoring and more! 
  • Where do I go with questions?
  • Are appointments with Academic Success staff online or in-person?
    • We are currently offering appointments through Google Meet and in person. 

      You can meet in person or virtually with...

      • Director of Academic Success, Dr. Matthew Spring, by clicking here.
      • Academic Adviser, Ms. Ana Henriquez, by clicking here.
      • Academic Adviser, Ms. Judith Barrera, virtually or in-person