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Rome 50th Anniversary LogoMore than just a semester abroad

It’s one thing to read the Great Books…it’s quite another to experience firsthand where many of them took place. In that instant, history comes alive, and you change forever.

The University of Dallas Rome Program has been changing lives for more than 50 years with a unique curriculum that combines intensive study of art, architecture, history, literature, theology and philosophy with travel that transports students to the very places where Western civilization first flourished and where Catholic intellectual and spiritual traditions continue to flourish today.

During their semester abroad, students make our Rome campus their “home base” while they travel to places like Florence, Venice, Assisi, Greece and, of course, Rome. Having read about Odysseus and Aeneas freshman year; they get to walk in the footsteps of these ancient heroes during their Rome semester. They’ll study the techniques used by Michelangelo while standing in front of the Pietà or gazing at the ceiling in the Sistine Chapel. They’ll debate the words of Socrates and the works of Plato and Aristotle while walking the same hills the great philosophers trod many millennia ago, experiencing the kind of context that can’t be found in a book and the types of insights rarely found in the classroom.


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